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Mature content
Untitled :icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
She Was Fire
Vacated Chest Space
Howling Hollows
You're two sides of the same coin.
My Cardiac Cavity
Aspirates On Shameful Deceit
This is your fault,
I chose dedication,
You discarded my effort.
Thoughtless, Uncaring
Didn't you value our intimate moments?
Now there's no resuscitation
For one's crimson pulse spilling
While a soul bleeds out separately
To the tune of bitter silence
Chilling Realization
That I've packed ice around my heart
How shall I carry on,
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 1 1
Obscuring The Truth
Swallowing Sculpture
Abstract Ancient Artifacts
Strangling Fables Proceed
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
Two Hands, One Heart
The right side of your brain relates
to creativity.
As a lefty I should easily find the secret
back route
onto this super highway of genius.
One stroke of luck
is all it takes to get there.
A tiny, unattainable piece of fate
that will never befall your hands
until the exact moment you do not want it anymore.
Beg & plead all you will for the Universe
to bestow upon you a masterpiece;
But the moment your stroke of sanity
checks out - unnoticed
is where Fear and Bravery,
Life and Death,
stand, or lie, in the wake.
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 3
The Plane Has Landed
There's a quality in the air lately, unfamiliar
as it leaves me refreshed,
gazing out the 6x6 window with a new pair of eyes.
This perception drives my being into activity,
inspiring me to live, one part of a larger reality.
What started out as a particle
is accelerated by the removal of imposed limitations.
The eye pillow is off, he's no longer blind,
out of the gate with no fear
and he must see the course through to the finish.
As opposed to fantasizing
on such dreams among which resides the desire
to lead a life of nobility,
I today decide to stand up, lending a voice
to those who long to hear of hope.
Humanity is a far cry from perfect,
but courage nudges me and bellows,
Now is a damn good time to start trying.
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
Foul Re-incarnation
Recurrent visions
                           Sojourning toward home
A chance, at last, to rest your weary soul.
Braver still,
                  if you'd will to close your eyes,
Eliminate objects you might see,
and you'll Feel, I dare you.
Choose -
               What's good for you?
Perceiving this class's lesson time has expired,
no parking validation, but you're apathetically tired...
Notice the cloud of smoke rolling by,
on engine tracks running in your mind.
Then what could come if all were planned?
You've finally exhausted your decision time.
Worrying, what shall they think
if all we built speaks for itself, crumbling
from within.
We can't resist beneath their evil clutches,
a steadfas
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
my fashion sense by Dontpretendtoknow my fashion sense :icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
Mature content
Bobbi and Xandra :icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
Alone, You Mourn
Tracing outlines
of marred intentions
Screaming white lies
and just then he mentions
He never loved you
You don't believe it's true
until he goes too far
and puts his hands on you
What do you do when you are so betrayed?
How do you hold a heart that needs to break?
Reclusive sufferering,
all Alone, you mourn.
No adult figure
from which you could be formed
Your family needs you
to be the strongest link
because without you
that ship would surely sink
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 1 0
Portending Fantasy
"A montage of goodbye scenes
with a soundtrack from the future
You could say it never changes
but it sure feels like a suture
as it tears, right through my heart...
And I look around at the sky and the trees
and the moon that's glowing bright
While I contemplate all the words that you said
and if I think that it's right
Chasing greener climates
in attempt to steady breathing
As I inhale my surroundings
snowy mountains start receding
into a blue, protective embrace
And I look around at the sky and the trees
and the moon that's glowing bright
While I contemplate all the words that you said
and if I think that it's right
-Standing at the window, staring out,
hoping you hear me,
I've called out to you a hundred thousand times...
And although I know the answer
to the story, as I'm living
I still want to play this game and pretend
I feel, alive..."
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 2
A generation of misfits, coming up in this nation
Everyone's hatin' and I can't stand fakin'
My language is exclusive
Those with ears, shall use them
To hear the message I'm delivering truly might bruise them
Your ego's in a little glass jar on a high shelf
You think you can hold onto your little ideal wealth
The only thing that ever matters, multiplies in the end
How well did you connect with your family and friends?
Of course I reciprocate the feelings  I generate
karma is in effect and law says shit degenerates
I am not a product, and my family isn't either.
And music shouldn't be a competition of egos
But what can you expect from our anomaly, economy
The issue is not toooo farrr beyond me,
and I'm aware of right now, here in the present
I'll demand what's rightfully mine regardless of the president.
I used to think Anarchy was impractical to live by
But now it is the sword that rises with my war-cry
I am taking back the choice that I was robbed from at conception,
I left
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 1 0
Era de Compassion
Do not say I suffered, my epitaph shall be read.
One remaining relic, of the lives that I had led.
Into antiquity, remaining sanguineness shall thaw.
For had, despondently, the fool deferred to common law.
Enduring destiny wrought by one's own morality,
Construes the continuum of your banality.
Essentially, what you must understand before I go,
Everything you are, I am, and I know you know I know.
Let us come together for the greater common good,
And consummate those tasks which we believe we should.
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
For Best Results: Consume Raw
Being socially awkward, like everything else, is a matter of perception.
James Allen, a little-known "mysterious" author from the 19th cenury
wrote 19 books in his 9 year career. His most widely-recognized work is
titled "As A Man Thinketh". It takes maybe but a few hours to read.
He speaks of using the power of the mind and consciousness to harness our
concept of free will, and the inevitability of the manifestation of all energies reaped and shall be sowed.
Yet this man, James Allen was a victim of his own consciousness, or lack thereof. He ever so eloquently wrote of novel ideas like wealth coming to us via a simple equation: Desire+Effort=Result. However, after the book is said and done, you look on Allen's life and see that none of his works manifested in this energy that he dwelled on. This invokes in me a certain curiosity whether or not this work was a fleeting insight of a God within a man.
The state of nirvana so intoxicatingly illustrated through Zen Buddhism draws new conve
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 0
Counter-Stun the Alarm
Canine aggression, resounding within
As you tear at my hide, and rip away skin
Maintaining composure, while conquering craving
Willing more positive thoughts in abundance.
Savage within, subdued with soothing touch
When the appetite favors the remedy,
You peacefully defer.
Disease starves each time chi is renewed.
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 0 3
The Future Is Now
             in the Present
the Future Sees your Past
             Ages Old
                          seem Novel
Uniquely Palatable.
                             Hesitant to Trust
your Cephalic Senses?
                          Inhale. Slowly.
Now. Exhale.
                     Nothing was.
Everything is.
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 1 0
Come To Me
             A hedonist stays true.
For some,
            Morals are sound.
The others,
With laws consuming
                                 lesser men,
they fight and scream to
                                     prove their point.
Holding fast to hope,
:icondontpretendtoknow:Dontpretendtoknow 2 0

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The Everlasting Now
The Everlasting Now
The world's spinning, always changing,
In everlasting now.
All things are turning, sun is burning,
As if by solemn, sacred vow.
In times of war the children leave,
The widows cry, and sighs are heaved,
A lover lost, a mem'ry found,
An unknown death without a sound.
"Never again," the people scream
The highest, farthest, unreached dream.
So lives are lost, the wars are fought,
With chaos, fear, and silence wrought.
Support the troops, look not within,
See not the horrors lying there.
All people die, it was his time.
Small comfort to the ones who grieve.
All people living near and far,
From closest home to farthest star,
The fear of death, it drives us all,
But listen quickly, heed my call.
All lives inside the deepest now
Are worth the same and free.
What ever else is said by man,
It's all the same to me.
:iconraye-nevermore:raye-nevermore 4 1
You, sitting there
Me, writing here
You take a step into my domain
The easiest door is fragrant with cocaine
The hardest way is pain and suffering
Alive with sighing and weeping
As you string word
After hard-thought word
I wonder what your fuel could be
Could it be the sun or the constant sea?
Could it be the church or the state?
Could it be the start of endless debate?
Though I wish your words were about me
:iconnewmoonmaiden:newmoonmaiden 14 22
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Jakob Edan Dodd
United States
Current Residence: glendale arizona in a small house
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Favourite genre of music: EDM
Favourite photographer: COURTNEY HART FB PAGE CO.HART ART
Favourite style of art: abstract sculpture
Operating System: precisely
MP3 player of choice: itunes
Shell of choice: oyster
Wallpaper of choice: any epic moment from my life
Skin of choice: softer the better
Favourite cartoon character: Winnie The Pooh
Personal Quote: I am a god within a physical being.
yet i have. i am still here. i didn't die. i'm still writing. i haven't put up anything new because i currently don't have a computer at home. but i still am collecting everything that i do with pen and paper because one day i know it will matter to someone. oh btw I GOT PUBLISHED. ON A WEBSITE. WORLDWIDE. that was like one of the proudest days of my life! i'm pursuing my journalism degree at ASU now, because i figured out while i was in jail that i want to be a copy-editor. i've been making a lot of new friends and major moves in the business world, making a name for myself as an entrepreneur and really showing off my management skills for bigger crowds. i threw my first desert rave and had security and a full night of D.J.s and it went pretty well, except for losing some money due to a less-than-average sized crowd for a friday night. that part was disappointing because now i have to make those promises for compensation come true when i don't even really have it. i will find a way to make that dough! my friends mean the world to me so i can't let them down! <3 Bone$


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